Cannabis in Switzerland – a Global Overview

This one hour session will touch on the legal framework of recreational and medicinal cannabis in Switzerland and provide a high-level overview of the newest developments, the challenges, as well as the opportunities in Switzerland’s dynamic cannabis market.

Located in the center of Europe and without being a member of the European Union, Switzerland is home to Europe’s most progressive cannabis laws.

Cannabis with a THC content below 1 pct is not considered a narcotic drug, which led to the development of one of the most active and mature CBD markets in the world. Most recently, Switzerland passed regulations which allow for the initiation of pilot schemes wherein adult-use cannabis can be legally produced and distributed to registered users, which will make Switzerland, next to the Netherlands, the first region in Europe to allow for a fully legalized adult-use cannabis supply chain. The Swiss Parliament further adopted a proposed amendment to the Narcotics Act which shall facilitate patient’s access to medicinal cannabis, and provide a framework for exports. 

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